Set out below are links to websites and locations where resources relating to Isabel Davies can be found and a list of selected writings by Isabel Davies and a selected bibliography.

The State Library of Victoria holds a number of documents relating to Isabel Davies in their Australian Art and Artists file. The Library holdings include a set of five artist’s journals/scrapbooks which contain documents relating to Davies’ career. The SLV also holds three artist's books created by her: Italian Memory BoxesOne Hundred Days around Australia and Transition at Chillagoe.

Davies' most recent exhibition was reviewed by Victoria Perin on 18 May, 2019 for Memo Review. This can be found on the Memo Review website.

The Women's Art Register holds information relating to individual artists. Many of the images and most of the text on this website are held in an information folder at the Women’s Art Register. Details about how to access these folders are available in the Resources section of their website.


The National Library of Australia holds a number of items relating to Isabel Davies including three artist's books created by her: Italian Memory BoxesOne Hundred Days around Australia and Transition at Chillagoe.


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