“I find that the strong impressions and memories of travel provide an impetus to begin a new series of work. It was so with Egypt. I found the grandeur of its images of ancient gods and religions, its landscape and the amazing documentation of ancient lives were compelling viewing.” 


As always, an important factor and an integral part of the enjoyment of travel was collecting fragments of the experience – tickets from a site visit, a small piece of fabric, a page from a book or newspaper showing the fascinating variety of calligraphy, a pressed flower, a stamp, a feather, a map – in fact, anything that is part of the mosaic that forms the picture of any land. I value my collection of ‘finds’ more than some expensive memento. They fill my mind with memories and visual images, and once in my studio they are the starting point for revealing my response to a host of impressions and observations.


This series of works does not attempt to echo the grandeur that I experienced: rather it is a modest diary of impressions, glimpses of a rich past and snatches of history. The format is intimate, inviting the viewer to inspect each fragment, ponder its significance and, I hope, share a moment of my Egyptian experience.